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#2 — Tech Drama: Reddit's User Backlash, Google Domains Killed, and OpenAI's big API Changes

We discuss Reddit's PR nightmare, the unexpected sale of Google Domains, and our first-hand experience with OpenAI's API and their changes obsoleting all the hard work we did.


Join us to chat about Reddit's recent API pricing changes, diving into the reactions from the user base and potential implications for Reddit's developer community.

We then address the surprising news of Google Domains being sold off to Squarespace, something nobody saw coming but should have considering it's Google...

On the AI front, we discuss Vercel's new AI SDK and accelerator program, sharing our thoughts on its implications for developers and AI enthusiasts alike.

Finally, we share our personal experiences working with OpenAI's API, covering the lessons we've learned and insights we've gained. This episode offers a candid discussion around current tech happenings and our experiences navigating these changes.